Refrigerator No Ice or Water

Has your refrigerator stopped making ice or has the water stop working?

Here's a couple a things you can check real quick before calling a refrigerator repairman. 

  • Is your water turned on?

This may sound silly but you never know. I have turned water on to many appliances over the years!

  • Does your refrigerator water source connect to a needle valve?       

If so, the valve may be clogged because of hard water. The valve makes a small hole in the plumbing (needle valve) so it clogs easily. That hardness in the water is actually things like calcium, and minerals that collects on all your appliances that use water. Check that by turning the valve clockwise to close it all the way. Then re-open it and see if that clears the clog. That will re-pierce the plumbing and maybe open the hole so the water will flow again.

  • Do you have low water pressure?

If you do that can be a big problem for the icemaker. One thing you might see with low water pressure is hollow ice-cubes. When an ice- maker doesn't fill enough, the water will not touch the head of it. That's where the thermostat may be located depending on the make and model. So, the thermostat gets fooled in believing that the water is frozen when it really isn't. The ice-cubes break open when harvested and dumps out the water, thus leaving hollow cubes. 

Low water pressure can be caused by a couple different things. First, the water could be low to the whole house. If it's low to the whole house then of course it will be low to the refrigerator. Second, if the low water pressure is only at the refrigerator it may have a clogged filter. That same hardness in the water clogs filters too! Try changing the water filter and see if that helps.

  • You may need to get your refrigerator repaired by a professional. 

If you've tried these repair tips with no success you may need a professional. Depending on what you figured out; is to whether you need a plumber or appliance repairman. We are here to help so consider calling us for all your Denver Appliance Repair needs!


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