Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly? Drenver Appliance Repair Company

We get a lot of calls from customers when their dishwasher is not cleaning! Many times it really is very simple or is not even related to the dishwasher itself. Below are a couple of things that can be checked before calling out a Denver Appliance Repairman.

  • Is your water hot enough? Personally I keep my water at 140 degrees. 140 to 160 degrees is what is recommended to sterilize the dishes. I know that the dishwasher itself or the soap can read “at least 120 degrees” but that won't sterilize the dishes. Some dishwashers will heat up the water to 160 degrees for sterilization but you have to choose that option if it is available. To check the water temperature just stick a meat probe in the water stream at the kitchen sink and keep it there until it peaks. Just be careful, those kinds of temperatures can burn your skin quickly!
  • The problem could be in the soap. A couple years ago the phosphate was removed from the dishwashing soap per the government. Phosphate was the power behind the soap. I personally use "Lemon Shine” a soap additive in our dishwasher. It works great! But if you use too much it can remove print off of the glassware.
  • Are dishes blocking the spray arms from moving? The spray arms have to move to circulate the water for proper cleaning. When you load the dishes be sure to think about how the water will hit the dishes.

These are just a couple of things I see when repairing dishwashers. If you check the things on the list and your dishwasher is still not cleaning, give us a call at Denver Appliance Repair Company! We would be glad to help! 


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