Why Choose Local Repair Specialists?

Denver Appliance Repair Company strives to meet, and hopefully exceed, our Denver neighbors' expectations for good service and sound repairs. There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a repair company and inviting them into your home.  Why choose us?

Experience: Our team of technicians have over 100 collective years of experience working on home appliances. We've been working in the Colorado community for the majority of that time. We've seen nearly every kind of issue arise with every home appliance. It takes a lot to surprise us. We keep our trucks appropriately stocked with common appliance parts, to help repair your appliance as quickly as possible. Wouldn't you want to have your appliance repair technician prepared with both the knowledge and parts to get our appliance working properly?  

Service: We believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. Good service is at the core of our company mission. Isn't having a technician who appreciates your business, not because it's their job, but because we are locally owned and operated a refreshing experience?

Members of the Community: The Denver metro area is not a huge metropolitan area. 60% of the state's population lives within a 25 mile radius around Denver. We respect the fact that we are visiting our neighbor's homes and working on the equipment that helps feed their families, clean their clothing and even keep them warm or cool.  Isn't that the type of person you want entering your home and fixing your appliances?


Big companies hire whomever they can get who'll just do the job. Denver Appliance Repair Company only hires technicians who agree with our company Customer Service philosophy and have the experience to add to our crew. We do the job right, and if any issues arise, we will take care of our Denver neighbors fairly and respectfully!

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